Kasbah Tebi

Kasbah Aït Ougram

Kasbah Tebi guesthouse is part of a set of four kasbah: the Kasbah Aït Ougram, from the name of our family. Each of them belong to the children of my father and my uncles. Built in the eighteenth century, they were the place of life of our family until the 1970s, when our parents chose to settle on the other side of the river, the new village, in electrified houses and economical maintenance. The old village, abandoned and not maintained, gradually falling apart, up to its ranking in the World Heritage Site in 1984 by UNESCO, and with the arrival of big Hollywood movie production (as Gladiators by Ridley Scott) who brought money to renovate facades of Ksar.

There are nearly 10 years, my brother Hassan, Ahmed my cousin and I, helped by some friends, have undertaken to preserve our heritage by renovating our kasbah and making them live. Ahmed has patiently renovatedand continues, his kasbah to make it a museum on traditions of the Berber life. For my part, I have chosen to host people by making it a guesthouse.

Visit our kasbah, its towers and terraces. Understand the Berber tradition and life in the last century by visiting our museum. Participate in the renovation of this heritage. No funds (public and private) will be allocated to us, so we ask to each visitor a participation in restoration costs of 10 dirhams per person. Admission is free for guests of the Kasbah Tebi.