Kasbah Tebi

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HotelsCombined recognize Kasbah Tebi amongst the best hotels in Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco, 20th July, 2016 RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE 2016 HotelsCombined, the Australian based hotel meta search company, has started an extensive survey covering different types of accommodations within Morocco. This survey is based on gathering data from millions of guest reviews, and translating them to the official Recognition of Excellence.[…]

Sidi Ali ou Amer Mausoleum

Le mausolée de Sidi Ali ou Amer

Le plus connu des marabouts des Aït Ben Haddou est Sidi Ali ou Amer dont le tombeau se situe au Nord-Est du ksar. La version moderne de son mausolée a été construite en 1976 sur une petite colline. La tradition orale concernant la construction du mausolée d’origine avance deux versions[…]